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Corporate Clients Website.Terms and Conditions

Before visiting this webpage, please examine the below Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with the below terms and conditions, please leave this page.

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. The Website is the property of JSC "UKRSIBBANK" (hereinafter the Bank) and is designated to provide information about the Bank's goods and services to corporate business clients. The following terms and conditions for users (hereinafter the Terms and Conditions) costitute the deed of takeover based on which users receive the right of access to information placed by JSC UKRSIBBANK (the Bank) on the Inetrnet  on the Bank's Website (the Website) at the following adress:

Referring to materials and information placed on the Website, you confirm that you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions and you assume liability to comply therewith. If you desagree with the Terms and Conditions for users, please don't use this Website.

1.2. This Terms and Conditions apply to all Website visitors and users. The Website is designed for users who are a minimum of 18 years old. Any Visitors and User fully assumes all the risks connected with any damages to hardware and/or software used to access the Website.

The Bank determines the Terms and Conditions for Website users and reserves the right to claime that visitor and users comply with these Terms and Conditions. Ignorance of the Terms and Conditions doesn't release from the obligation to comply therewith. Placing any notice on the Website automatically means your consent to these Terms and Conditions and the necessity to complay therewith.

1.3. The Bank ensures but doesn't guarantee continuous 24-hour users' access to the Website. Access to the Website is free; a user himself ensures the technical possibilities to access the Website and pays for the telecommunication network services.

1.4. The Bank reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without warning to bring them into compliance with the current status of the Website, technical capabilities, internal rules and regulations of the Bank, as well as changes in the laws of Ukraine. By referring to materials and information placed on the Website after amendments made by the Bank to these Terms and Conditions, you confirm the binding nature of such amendments for yourself.

Please take into consideration that although the information on the Website is update from time to time, it doesn't always contains the up-to-date information. The course of time and subsequent events may lead to information inaccuracy and incompleteness. The Website and information (including amendments to these Terms and Conditions) may be amended from time to time without warning.

1.5. With the purpose of informing, the Bank may send the respective notice/information about the available products and services to those Website users who intentionally provided their contact details. Each such notice will contain a tool which help you to refuse the further receipt of such information.

1.6. The Bank is not liable  to users or third persons for direct and/or indirect losses caused by the absence of access to the Website, as well as any damages to hardware and/or software used to access the Website. The Bank will under no circumstances, including but not limited to a negligent or careless attitude, be liable for any direct or indirect losses, including but not limited to loss of profit caused by the use of this Website, or inability to use it, even if the Bank was informed of the possibility of such losses.

1.7. These Terms and Conditions are complied with and applied in accordance with the applicable laws of Ukraine. Any disputes with non-resident users are subject to final resolution at the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine in accordance with its Rules.

1.8. The Bank reserves the right to take all means permitted by the law with respect to offenders of such Terms and Conditions.

2. Copyright and trademarks

2.1. Website content is protected by the copyright law of Ukraine.

2.2. All rights to the content of pages and structure of the Website belog to JSC UKRSIBBANK.

2.3. Information placed on the Website is intended for personal non-commercial use only by the users, taking into consideration the protection of copyright and other notes regarding ownership. Website users have no right to copy, disrtibute, transfer, demonstrate, publish, sell, license, and use the Website content without prior written consent of the Bank. The use of the Website materials on other Internet resources is prohibited. Any change of materials and their use for other purposes or in violation of these Terms and Conditions constitute the Bank's copyright infringement.

2.4. All trademarks, trade names and logos presented on the Website constitute property officially registered and protected by the copyright law. Access to the Website doesn't allow the user to any use of the above trademarks, trade names and logos.

2.5. The Bank is not liable for any interpretation of the materials published on the Website, as well as for their correct, accurate and true usage.

3. References used on the Website

3.1. The Website contains (may contain) graphic or text blocks of a commercial nature (Banners). Banners are used for advertising purposes only and contain references both to the Internet resources of the Bank and the companies that are members of BNP Paribas Group and to partner companies' resources.

3.2. The Website may contain references to Internet resources having no relation to the Bank and BNP Paribas Group companies. References to such websites are intended for convenience and completeness of the information provided by the Bank, and that doesn't mean that the Bank approuves the content of such websites or is liable for such content. The use of any Internet resources related to the Website constitutes your own risk. The Bank doesn't guarantee that the information placed on other Internet resources is complete and up-to-date and complies with services and productes available with the Bank for corporate business clients.

3.3. In no event is the Bank liable for the information available due to a hyperlink to other companies' Internet resources placed on the Website.

3.4. References to third persons' products and services is made for information purposes and doesn't mean that the Bank supports and recommends them.

4. Security

4.1. When you visit the Website the Bank receives the following information about you as a user:

  • A unique number used for identification of your computer in the Internet network (IP-adress);
  • Name and version of the web-browser used and operating system of your workstation;
  • Visited pages of the Website and the time of such visit;
  • Duration of your visit to the Website;
  • Number of references to the Website and its pages;
  • Previously/subsequently visited pages, the Website log-in page and log-out page;
  • Swith to Website sources (for example, you opened the Website using a search system link).

The above information is necessary for the Bank to collect statistical data concerning Website visitors, their analysis and development of rules and methods for rendering high-quality services.

4.2. Apart the information specified in clause 4.1, the Bank receives no other information from you unless you deliberately, consciously and willfully provide such information to the Bank (fill in questionnaires, feedback forms, service order applications and other forms placed on the Website requiring providing personal information). The Website user who placed such information will be liable to its content.

4.3. The Bank ensures the confidentiality of the information provided by you deliberately. The Bank ensures the confidentiality of the information received from you through the arrengement and use of a protected connection. To ensure confidentiality, we use a cryptographic SSL protocol built in all modern (Microsoft Internet Explorer versions minimum 6.0, Mozilla Firefox, version minimum 3.0 Opera version minimum 5.0) web-browsers.

The SSL certificate used for the Website has the following characteristics:

Issued to

Common Name (CN)
Organization (O) UKRSIBBANK JSC
Organizational Unit (OU) NOC Unit
Serial Number 09807750

Issued by

Common Name (CN) GeoTrust Extended Validation SSL CA
Organization (O) GeoTrust Inc.
Organizational Unit (OU) See © 06


Issued on 03/11/2021
Valid until 17/11/2022

While using the protected connection, the transferres information is encrypted and its integrity is controlled and the Bank's clients conducts cryptographic authentication.

Please take into consideration that the Internet is not a fully protected means of communication and may be a potential mean of intercepting, losing, distorting or changing communications. As far as access to the Website is ensured through the server in Ukraine, information placed on that Website is ensured through thr server in Ukraine, information placed on that Website is considered to be provided outside Ukraine and is subject to regulation by the laws of Ukraine. If you access the Website outside Ukraine, you do that at your own risk and are liable to the local, national or international laws, including, without limitation, the laws of security.

4.4. In accordance with applicable laws, the information of Website users can be transferred to domestic or foreign law enforcement agencies. The rules related to personal data that may govern these agencies may differ from the rules applied in the country of your residence.

4.5. To protect your confidential data, you are recommended to follow the below security requirements:

  • Use only legal (licensed) software and legal (legally acquired for use) firewalls;
  • Do not use your workstation to visit entertainment websites (with obscene content, videos, photos, games, etc.) and websites containing information about the methods of cracking information systems, programs, passwords, etc.;
  • Do not use Internet pagers (for example, ICQ, Miranda, etc.) with the opportunity to transfer/receive files;
  • Do not save confidential information in the memory and on the workstation hard disk;
  • Do not leave media with confidential information connected to your workstation if no operations are taken in the system of remote servicing or no work is carried out with Internet resources;
  • Take other generally accepted security measures.