Credit Operations

To keep growing and upkeep its competitiveness on the market, a company needs to invest into its business, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies. Years of cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies allow UkrSibbank to perfectly understand financial needs of its clients and offer individual solutions for your company.

  • Being part of BNP Paribas Group, one of the world’s biggest banking groups and European leader in banking and financial market, which boasts of one of the most extensive branch networks in 85 countries worldwide, UkrSibbank offers short-term and long-term financing for your company;
  • UkrSibbank seeks not only to finance your company, but also to ensure maxsimum convenience in servicing your debt, as well as help you upkeep a positive credit history for upcoming projects aimed to develop your business.

Multipurpose Facility

To finance its working capital and current business activity, your company and companies within your business group can opt for our Multipurpose Facility, which is a complex financing tool.

Now you will be able to finance all your business areas. You can repeatedly use part or the whole sum within the total limit; you can also distribute money between several companies within one business group using the whole range of financial services. Currency, financing method, conditions and terms are to be set with a view to specific requirements of your business.

Multipurpose Facility features all types of financial instruments provided under single Master Agreement:

Multipurpose facility allows to (within the total limit):

  • Use additional funds to expand your business and invest in working capital;
  • Opt for type of pricing based on a fixed interest rate which remains unchanged throughout the effective term of the Master Agreement, or asset prices with a glance to the current situation on exchange and financial markets using Direct Dealing service;
  • Use several financial instruments without wasting time to get a certain financing product every time you need it;
  • As part of documentary operations, you can issue letters of credit and various guarantees to residents and non-residents;
  • With avalazing of promissory notes you can delay some of your tax and other compulsory payments.

Fore more details please approach UkrSibbank employees, who will kindly advise you on how to activate and use Multipurpose Facility with a view to specifics of your business.

Overdraft Lending

If your company or business group is willing to have additional funds to pay to suppliers, contractors and partners, you may want to use Overdraft Lending service by UkrSibbank.

With this service, you will have constant access to short-term funds on your current account within the set limit.

Benefits of overdraft lending:

  • You can have a safe and interrupted schedule to pay for raw materials, equipment, services, etc. without having to wait for funds to arrive at your account;
  • You pay overdraft rates only for the sum you used and for the actual period you used;
  • You don’t need to sign a package of documents every time you draw another sum;
  • Overdraft debt is repaid automatically with money arriving at your current account. If your company is part of a business group, you can also use automatic funds concentration service to optimize profits and expenses through self-financing within the group.
  • Depending on your business needs and desired limit, you can choose blank overdraft;
  • Taxes and interests payments are classified as gross expenditures, thus presenting an effective tax optimization tool.

For more details please approachUkrSibbank’s qualified managers, who will kindly advise you on how to subscribe for an overdraft and the benefits you will get.