UKRSIB Business internet banking

UKRSIB business, Electronic Banking System, is your digital channel for secure transactions in both domestic and foreign currencies. Receiving immediate information on your accounts enables flexible liquidity management to streamline payment transactions while integration with the company’s accounting system will help speed up the documents generation process.

Benefits with UKRSIB Business


Work from you PC, tablet or mobile phone


Use a qualified public key certificate to sign your billing records. Increase the security level of your transactions by using two-step verification Google Authenticator.

The Accredited Key Certification Center of JSC “UKRSIBBANK”


No Java required to work, whereas the key certificate is only given to the bank once. The single user key gives access to transactions with accounts of multiple legal entities.


  • create payment orders in domestic and foreign currencies
  • cancel payments in domestic currency
  • create intrabank payment orders in foreign currency
  • create requests to purchase, sell or convert foreign currency
Payroll Card Programs
  • make salary payments to employees
  • open card accounts for new employees
  • disable the service for former employees
Corporate Cards
  • change card transaction limits, review applicable limits
  • generate card and account statements
  • add money to your deposits
  • review the list of opened and closed deposits and their terms
  • review reports under deposit lines and term deposits
  • pay off the credits
  • make applications for credit facilities
Monitor funds for extra services
  • get information on current balance
  • generate account statements
  • review billing information
  • get information on NBU currency rates
  • check the current status of documents submitted to the bank
  • possibility to access the company’s staff lists, lists of MFO (sort codes), SWIFT codes, etc.
  • adjust SMS or email notifications about account activities, login notifications, bank notifications

Payment procedure

Payments received during operational hours on weekdays are processed within operational day.

Payments in national currency
  • for intrabank payments and payments between banks: from 08:30 am to 7 pm
  • the last working day of the month: from 8-30 am to 8 pm
  • for intrabank transfers and transfers to other banks (individual card account is opened in another bank): from 9:00 am to 7 pm
  • the last working day of the month: from 9-00 am to 8 pm
Cash transfers via "Za Myt" system
  • for crediting money transfers: from 9 am to 7 pm
  • receiving a money transfer in a bank branch according to the schedule of branches
Receipt of reports on acquiring
  • in the account statement — on the next banking day, during the day
  • in the section "Acquiring" — on the third day from the transaction date (including weekends and holidays)

Payments and money transfers received in the post-operational hours (including weekends and holidays) are processed during the next operational day.

Payment procedure for foreign exchange transactions

Currency control departments in the UKRSIB business internet banking or on paper:

  • for foreign currency purchase transactions before 10:00, with the execution date - the current date
  • for foreign currency sales operations before 11:30, with the execution date - the current date
  • or foreign exchange transactions received before 15:00, with the execution date - the current date
  • payment orders in foreign currency until 16:00.

Applications are accepted for processing if a complete package of documents is present.

Write-off / transfer of funds for participation in the auction:

  • for foreign currency purchase operations until 10:30, hryvnia write-off / transfer
  • for foreign currency sales operations until 11:30, currency write-off / transfer
  • for foreign exchange transactions received before 15:00, debit / transfer of currency.

Time limit for contracts / agreements consideration:

  • export-import contracts / agreements — up to 2 days from the moment of providing a complete document package
  • loans from non-residents — up to 4 days from moment of providing a complete document package
  • if there are detection of the indicators of risk activity, the term of consideration can be extended — up to 4 days (import contracts) from the moment of providing a complete document package.