Payments from third parties

If your company regularly accepts cash payments in national currency from both individuals and legal entities, UkrSibbank is happy to offer you our service — payments from third parties.

Your company can accept payments at UkrSibbank branches without concluding an Agreement, but if you seek to simplify your payment acceptance procedure, payment acceptance agreement is highly recommended. UkrSibbank prides itself in one of the most extensive branch networks in Ukraine, and, therefore, parties making payments to your company will hardly feel any discomfort as part of transactions.

Please find below the key benefits which you will get from concluding an Agreement to accept payments from third parties through UkrSibbank branches:

  • saving on collection and upkeeping your own cash-desk;
  • providing payers with access to one of the most extensive branch networks in the country – that of UkrSibbank;
  • prompt update on payments accepted (provided as a register, either by e-mail or from the Bank’s server);
  • better services for payers as details of the recipient are kept in the Bank system, thus speeding up the whole payment acceptance process;
  • a wide range of schemes to make payment and pay taxes;
  • opportunity to create a structured payment purpose that meets your needs best;

Specifics of payment acceptance agreements:

  • you can specify one or several current accounts of your company in the Agreement;
  • payments can be made either in full or in parts;
  • fee is calculated individually for each payment, depending on the amount.

On your request, UkrSibbank employees will kindly provide you with more details on how to conclude payment acceptance agreement and accept payments from third parties with a view to your business specifics and your wishes.