To activate StarAccess Internet banking you will have to take two steps:

  1. Pre-register online:
    • Use link Preliminary registration to open the window to register new electronic digital ;
    • Сreate your personal EDS key, remember your login and password;
    • Save your key on an external data carrier (e.g., your flash-drive) and never pass it to third parties;
    • Print out the certificate in two copies, sign them and put a seal (if any);
    • If banking documents feature up from two signatures, you can also create additional keys by clicking «New Keys Registration» link again;
  2. Conclude system service agreement (in branch of the Bank):
    • Provide your passport and key certificate to employee of the Bank;
    • Sign system service agreement. The Bank will take care of the rest.

Please note that pursuant to the current Law of Ukraine, all information input into the system shall be in Ukrainian only.

To change EDS key access password, click the paragraph «Keys Administration».


StarAccess corporate users support service: