AWS «РС-Banking» of StarAccess system offers:

  • ability to manage your accounts, credits and deposits offline, i.e without constant access to the Bank’s website;
  • ability to work at any place, any time and on any computer using your personal key;
  • user-friendly facilities, low system and software requirements: Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and Java platform support;
  • high safety of all banking operations thanks to data encryption and electronic digital signature (EDS).

To install AWS «РС-Banking»:

  • download distribution package to your computer;
  • unzip the archived distribution package;
  • run exe-file (for Windows OS).

Download AWS «РС-Banking» (for Windows OS)

Download AWS «РС-Banking» with SWIFT reference (for Windows OS).

Download AWS «РС-Banking» (for Linux OS)

Download AWS «РС-Banking» with SWIFT reference (for Linux OS)

To run AWS «PC-Banking» through a modem you will need a list of regional modem pools (data as of 21 October 2011).

StarAccess corporate users support service: