For your company to efficiently manage its free cash flow you can place long-term or short-term deposits at UkrSibbank in national and foreign currency.

With strategic support of BNP Paribas, one of the world’s biggest banking groups, UkrSibbank guarantees safety of your deposits.

With solid record in finance and banking we can pick the most convenient and advantageous deposit scheme to suit the specifics of your company.

You can choose one of the following deposit solutions:

Fixed-term deposit guarantees income on deposit for a set term with a fixed interest rate. Fixed-term deposit allows you to get interests monthly or at the end of the term.

To efficiently manage your funds, you may opt for a more flexible deposit program — Deposit line plus. Once you have the main tranche, you will be able to place new tranches on chosen conditions under a single agreement without any additional notice to be sent to the Tax Administration. You will also be able to select the most suitable deposit term and scheme to receive your interests: monthly, quarterly or at the end of the term. Deposit line plus is a convenient way to organize funds with additional tranches through StarAccess internet-banking system without additional agreements on paper and without visiting the Bank.

Flexible deposit allows to choose additional options and flexible conditions for early termination of an agreement. You will personally select the most suitable deposit program – term deposit or deposit line – and scheme to receive interests: monthly, quarterly or at the end of the term.

To accumulate and unrestrictedly add money to your deposit throughout its lifetime, our Deposit with replenishment might come in rather handy. The choice of interest repayment schedule and deposit term rests with you entirely.

The bank will accrue interests on balance on your current accounts, which will allow to turn passive balance into income. If you are overdrawn on your current account, your financial flows will be stabilized through covering part of your overdraft with your accrued interests.

UkrSibbank practises individual approach to setting interest rates depending on term and currency of deposit.

UkrSibbank employees will provide you with all necessary information and offer the best deposit products.