Individual Safe Deposit Boxes

Being part of BNP Paribas Group, UkrSibbank, makes a big emphasis on banking traditions and clearly understands the importance and responsibility attached to handling securities and other valuables. Your company may find it convenient, to rent a safe deposit box in one of our branches.

You will hardly find a safer place to keep your valuable documents or treasures than a bank safe deposit box. Deposit boxes are made of fireproof material which is also durable in other aggressive environments. Each safe is fit with state-of-the-art security facilities and located in a dedicated room.

In safe deposit boxes of UkrSibbank you can keep all sorts of valuables:

  • jewellery, precious metals and stones;
  • documents and important papers;
  • securities, promissory notes, certificates and licenses;
  • works of art etc.

With individual safe deposit boxes rented at UkrSibbank you will be entitled to:

  • deposit boxes of all sizes for your convenience;
  • ability to use a deposit box as long as you need;
  • confidentiality of your deposit box contents due to a special room (booth) in a branch of the Bank;
  • ultimate security, which is guaranteed by providing access either to a single representative of your company or to a group of representatives if all of them are present at a branch of the Bank at the same time.

Bank employees shall only advise you on how to use individual safe deposit boxes, however, they shall not be present when you handle the contents of your safe. Therefore, you alone know the contents of your individual safe deposit box.