Special Cash Management Solutions

UkrSibbank seeks to introduce cutting-edge technologies on a regular basis to improve and facilitate cash management. Your company can try the following services and Special Cash Management Solutions:

  • Unmatched yet simple methods of cash flow monitoring and distribution for companies with extensive networks thanks to our automatic funds concentration service (cash pooling and zero-balancing). This option allows your treasury to fully control financial flows of your branches or subsidiaries and distribute any available balance by transferring it automatically to the main account of your company.  
  • Fast and accurate payments to and from partners and contractors thanks to automatic payments (Standing Order та Direct Debit) service. With this service you needn’t worry about timely repayment of your credit debt, rent, utility services, etc.
  • Timely and promptly transfer money in national and foreign currency in favor of conterparties and third parties with direct debiting funds by the Bank basic on Swift MT 101 massage via global channel of financial messages exchange within BNP Paribas Group — SWIFTNet.
  • With our state-of-the-art and utmostly safe data transfer technologies a financial organization will be able to receive (on your behalf) a consolidated statement of your balance and cash flow. SWIFT МТ 940 statement is generated automatically and displays all accounts of your company, balances and movements on accounts in a single file. SWIFT МТ 942 statement is generated automatically several time a day and displays of accounts of your company, quantity of transactions, amount of credit and debit turnover, movements on accounts.